Personalized Crystal Photo Block And Engraving

Your wedding photographer won’t be able to give you the best advice, if you ask him what type of crystal photo frame to use for your big day. This is where having crystal photo frame prints as your wedding keepsake is important. You want something that you and your guests will love and remember your wedding by.

Crystal photo block: since most portrait format photos are taken with a digital camera, the development process determines whether or not to choose a clear glass block on standard portrait format film depending on the subject matter. You can’t decide this yourself without viewing the photos. It just looks simply gorgeous. For an elegant look and feel, consider a crystal photo block framed with an antique locket or gemstone pendant, allowing the light to reflect off of the beautiful gemstone or locket creating a shimmery background to the photo.

Crystal Photo Frame with a luminous base: most crystal photo blocks come with a luminous base, which means it creates a luminous background as the photo sits on top of the crystal photo. The effect can be achieved with a colored white or silver ink coating, allowing the light to shine through and create a glittery backdrop. A metal luminous base is also available, but silver is the more popular choice because it is easier to clean and shines better under the bright lights at a wedding.

Personalized Crystal Photo Block Gift Box: this gift box usually includes an 8″ diameter clear acrylic window which can easily slide out for gift giving or as a keepsake. A ribbon, tags, a card and your customized crystal photo block can make a beautiful gift box or keepsake. You can engrave your names or a special message on these items, making them extra special. These also make nice wedding gift boxes for the bridesmaids, which is very easy to personalize with their initials or names.

Personalized Crystal Photo Frame and Glass: like the above photo gift blocks, these make wonderful keepsakes and gifts that can be engraved, embossed or even printed. Your special memories are easily kept safe and you can add special comments or a short poem to go with the picture. You can order a clear acrylic photo block with a coloured backing or even one that has a grid pattern. The crystal photo block can be put in the freezer for an extra special glow before you gift it.

Engravable Photo Crystal Magnets: these are also a lovely way to keep your special memories close by at all times. Like the crystal photo crystal magnets, they are usually round and can easily be placed on a desk, shelf, table or wherever you need them. To make them even more unique and suitable for daily use, consider having them engraved with a special message. These magnets are great for those who like to have engravings on their home items.

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