Crystal Keychain – One Handed Gifts

A keychain is a gift that has the same basic concept as a keyring, but instead of having to carry it around, the keychain can be worn in one hand. The main difference is that the keychain is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse without anyone ever being aware of it. These […]

Personalized Crystal Wedding Accessories – Personalized Jewelry

Custom 3D Crystal Photo Gifts Welcome to unique & beautiful collection of unique & beautiful 3D crystal gifts! Take the time to explore 3d crystal photo heart wedding gifts, elegant custom crystal heart ornaments, stylish laser engravable crystal photo charms, charming engraved crystal ornaments or personalized crystal photo stopper with initials and photos. With the right choice […]

How to Make Your Own 3D Pictures

With the help of modern technology, it is now possible to have 3D pictures on your computer. The process of creating the 3D images is a bit complicated; however, once it is done, you can print them out using the computer and bring them to the party or you can display them in your home. However, before […]

How to Buy a Rectangle Keychain

The Rectangle keychain is an extremely popular style with an old fashioned, vintage appearance. Along with Rectangle, other old fashioned, circular keychains include the Square Keychain and the Circle Keychain. All of these are available in many different patterns including circles, squares, diamonds, and rectangles. There is something for everyone, so no matter your personal style, you […]

Personalized Heart Designs

The 3D crystal heart can be personalised with a customized 3D crystal heart photo and a special message written on it for absolutely no cost at all (Made in USA.) Strikingly lovely, the exquisite 3D crystal heart will certainly stand out in any decor. Perfect gifts for your loved ones, this special heart is an ideal present […]

Finding Wedding Gifts For Women

Finding wedding gifts for women can be a challenge because traditionally the traditional gifts for women are things that are very practical like chocolates, handkerchiefs, and flowers. However, these can still work because they can still be useful items. One of the first practical wedding gifts for women is a chocolate gift. They are usually inexpensive but […]

A Personal Crystal Portrait Makes a Perfect Present

What is the importance of having a 3D Crystal Portrait? How does it work? The answer, simple, it works like magic! 3D Portraits exist to create memories in a special way! Create someone a Personalized 3D Crystal for their next birthday… A Personalized Crystal Gift for a special friend you love! Everyone has different ways […]

Photo Crystal Keychains For Your Gift

Photo keychains can be used for all sorts of special occasions. If you are looking for something to give as a special gift, photo keychain will be perfect for you. These come in two modes; either in two dimensional or three dimensional. You can choose from a heart shape or rectangular keychains and select your […]